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Administrative Appeals - Informations & Format

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You can file an administrative appeal in this section in the event that a staff member has issued you a sanction that you consider to be unfounded and, therefore, you consider that your actions were not breaking any of the rules and regulations that govern this community that could have made you eligible for administrative sanction.

Before making an administrative appeal, take your time and resume the sequence of events in order to make sure you have not directly or indirectly infringed the rules and regulations. Try contacting the administrator who gave you the sanction if you have any doubts, and if you have failed to reach a favorable denominator with him, you can file an administrative appeal.

When making an administrative appeal, please be aware of the following:
If you feel that the response to an administrative appeal is unfavorable and you still consider that the administrator was wrong when he sanctioned you, you can make a complaint against him by accessing this link.

When you decide to file an administrative appeal, please make sure you are following everything listed down below:

  • Do not contact staff members in order to ask or request them to handle or respond to your appeal faster.
  • All the evidence attached inside the report must be yours and must belong to you.
  • All the evidence must be attached in their original form and must not be, by any means, modified or altered in any way.
  • Make sure your evidence is easily accesible and does not require access to services that require you to create an account or download certain programs/the evidence. Use known and secure platforms (such as YouTube and imgur.com) to upload your evidence.
  • Use direct links when posting evidence and do not use media insertion tags.

In case you would like to appeal a Character Kill, please file the appeal in the 'Character Kills' sub-section.


The appeal's title must be in the following format:

  • [Sanction given] Your full character name or [Sanction given] Forum name.
  • Example: [Admin-Jail] John Doe or [Forum Warn] Joe.



Your in-game name:
Your game account name:
The staff member who sanctioned you:
The staff member's rank:

Sanction type (ajail/ban/warn etc.):
Date and time of the incident:
Incident explanation:

Evidence (direct link):

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