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Los Santos Roleplay (MTA)
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Server Rules

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This regulation is still being updated. All of the following are valid.

  • This regulation was designed to provide the most enjoyable atmosphere and the most comfortable environment for members of this community. By means of the provisions mentioned below, this regulation aims to establish as accurately as possible the mode of play and the behavior that players must adhere to in order to ensure a fair, civilized and welcoming environment for all players.
  • By registering, accessing and using the Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas server of Los Santos Roleplay, you declare under your sole responsibility that you have acknowledged and accepted the provisions below regarding the rules of conduct and operation of this community and you give consent to administrative sanctions by an Administrator or by a person empowered by the community leadership in situations where it is proven that you have breached, with or without knowledge, the provisions listed below. At the same time, you agree to abide by the provisions mentioned below throughout your whole server session.
  • The sanctions described below are suggestive and considered as guidance, therefore they do not represent a standard for the Staff members. This means that a member of the Staff team can, at any time, impose a heavier or less severe penalty than those described in each rule without being held accountable. Of course, visibly exaggerated sanctions can be appealed and reported by players at any time to avoid any sort of abuse of power.
  • This regulation can be changed at any time without any prior or further announcements. It is your obligation as a member of this community to keep yourself updated on the latest and up to date version of these server rules.
  • By 'Staff member(s)' we refer to the Testers and Administrators of the Los Santos Roleplay community.

    1. Common sense and courtesy rules
    Common sense and common courtesy will prevail when and where the rules and regulations listed below do not explicitly outline certain situations.
    The Los Santos Roleplay Administration reserves the right to act as it sees fit when the situation requires so.

    This regulation may contain procedural flaws, gaps and inaccuracies. In such situations, every player is expected to use common sense - if you feel that something specific can be of such a nature as to break the rules and regulations of the community, then it probably is. If you are not sure what to do in a particular situation, you can always ask assistance and guidance from a member of the Staff team using the specific communication paths.

    This regulation must be strictly followed by each player. Just because another player has broken the rules and regulations of the community it does not mean that you are allowed to do the same. At the same time, if you are witnessing a situation where a player violates this regulation, you are required to report this either in-game, using /report, either on this forum, using the designated reports/complaints section.

    Each player is expected to have a civilized and respectful attitude both with the players and with the Staff team members throughout the entire game session.
    This rule also includes the following:
    • Do not directly or indirectly offend other players and do not resort to acts of discrimination.
    • Do not challenge or enter into arguments just for the sake of creating chaos or offending someone.
    • Keep a civilized language etiquette throughout the entire game session.
    It is forbidden to promote other communities, whether roleplay or not, regardless of their platform. Violation of this rule results in a permanent ban and a community restriction.
    It is forbidden to create community services without the written approval from a member of the Management.

    Administrative decisions are final. Players must abide at any time and in any situation to the instructions given by a Staff member even if they do not  agree to these instructions. This also includes situations where the players are required to stop controversy with other players or administrators.
    • If you think a member of the Staff team has acted wrongly, has handled the situation improperly or abused their power, you can file an administrative appeal and a complaint against the Staff member.
    Each player is expected to roleplay at all times without interrupting, delaying or even canceling an ongoing roleplay action. The only exception to this rule is when a Staff member requires you to do so.

    You are permanently In Character (IC). You, as a simple player, do not have the right to consider or to establish yourself as OOC in a particular place or situation, nor do you have the right to force other players to treat you as OOC in a particular a place or in a roleplay situation. The only exception to this rule is when a Staff member requires you to do so. Staff members are considered OOC only when they are on duty.
    Also, avoid the following:
    • Complain in the OOC chats about how the roleplay situation is taking place or being handled;
    • Ask for reasons and explanations for arrests through OOC chats, or requesting assistance from a Staff member only because you feel the sanction is being mistakenly or unjustful handed or the situation mistakenly handled. Regardless of the lawfulness of the arrest, this action has to be dealt In Character (IC) and solved through IC means.
    OOC lies are totally forbidden. Whether you are dealing with a player or a Staff member, you have to tell the OOC truth constantly. You do not have the right to ask a player for OOC promises for IC actions (for example, request him to promise that he does/will not want to scam you) due to the fact that such information obtained OOCly and used ICly is considered Metagaming (MG).

    Each player is expected to communicate in English, at all times, especially in OOC public chats. You are allowed to speak in another language in private messages, unless the person you are talking to is not a Staff member in which case you must obtain their prior approval. To speak in another language IC, specify the language by writing it between brackets. Example: Michael says: [Spanish] Zachary, get in the car fast!
    • Exceptions to this rule are short phrases, short sentences or single-used common words from other languages, both in IC chats and OOC.
    Do not disturb an IC event approved by an Administrator. Any kind of action that may disturb the event, either by delaying it, ending it prematurely or by boycotting it partially or entirely, or by destroying the mood of the participating players will be sanctioned. Exceptions to this rule are represented by the actions and situations approved by an Administrator.

    Termination of employment/dismissals from a government faction no longer allows you to reintegrate into the faction with the same rank or with a higher rank than the one you had at the time of dismissal, even if you change your name. This applies to OOC dismissals as IC ones are handled through IC procedures and regulations.

    Do not use popular/well-known/famous names, whether from a real person or a fictional character, for your character. This includes, but it's not limited to, actors, singers, politicians, athletes, superheroes etc. If you are found using such a name, you will not get a free name change, and your character may be reset. This comes in addition to the admin-jail you will receive that will last until you finally change your name to a proper one.

    You can not use your character to roleplay as an animal. You can, though, roleplay that you own an animal as long as you roleplay accordingly.

    Do not drive in an unrealistic manner. This includes stunts, off-roading with a non-equipped or poorly equipped vehicle, driving on the sidewalk (unless strongly justified), jumping on/from the bridges, ignoring / crossing barriers, etc. An exception to this rule represents the situation where your character has no solid reasons to comply with traffic rules (for example: when being followed by the police). However, keep in mind that you need to appropiately roleplay each action and portray the wounds / damage or otherwise the repercussions that result from such actions in a realistic manner.
    Sanctions for these rules may vary from verbal warning to permanent ban.

    2. Metagaming (MG)
    Metagaming (MG) is the action of using or influencing someone else to use Out of Character (OOC) information in the In Character (IC) surroundings.

    The use of round brackets (()) in In Character (IC) chats is forbidden and falls under this rule. Closing OOC chats does not allow you to use In Character (IC) chats to communicate in Out of Character (OOC) modes, whether or not the brackets are present.

    1. Michael reads Zachary's nametag and claims to know him In Character (IC) despite the fact that they have never met/known.
    2. Michael contacts Zachary using OOC (/b, /pm, Skype/Discord/TS, etc.) methods to provide In Character information or to call him because he needs help.
    3. Michael responds In Character to Zachary's OOC message.
    4. Because the /b chat is closed, Michael decides to send his OOC message via the IC chat.
    5. Instead of using the /me command to describe the smile on his face, Zachary decides to write ": D" in the IC chat.
    Do not use external communication programs (such as Skype, Discord, TS) to communicate IC. Exceptions to this are a handful of government factions' voice channels which are moderated by the rules, regulations and policies that govern the respective factions.

    Sanctions for these rules may vary from verbal warning to admin-jail.

    3. Powergaming (PG)
    Powergaming (PG) is the action by which a player performs superhuman or unrealistic actions, specifies imaginary actions that have not happened to take advantage of an unpleasant situation and also the action by which a player acts in a fairplay-free manner that does not allow other participants to respond.

    1. Using a /me formulated so as not to allow other participants to respond to the action.
    2. The portrayal of an action by which the character raises single-handedly a vehicle and throws it into a block.
    3. Refusing to acknowledge that an item or sum of money that it's script-wise in your possesion is also in your possesion ICly.
      • Michael has a Deagle and $50,000 script-wise on himself. While being frisked, he denies having these assets on him on the grounds that it would be unrealistic. Instead, he claims that his money are actually $500 ICly and his Deagle it's actually in his vehicle trunk.
    4. Michael owns a casino. He roleplays that his business is protected by non-playable characters (NPCs).
    5. Zachary has a 24/7 who was just robbed. Zachary, despite the fact that he did not roleplay installing the surveillance cameras, instructs the police officers to check the surveillance cameras of the business, thus pretending they exist and that they were installed at some point.
    6. Do not use the ad/auction service offered by SANews to promote/offer illegal services or goods, no matter how you formulate that ad/auction.
    This rule also includes the following actions:
    • Failure to express the fear/emotion of character in situations and surroundings that require you to do so.
    • Chicken-running - running in zig-zag to avoid being captured or wounded.
    • Chaning your clothes without any roleplay.
    • Olympic running - running without stopping for long periods of time without expressing the fatigue of character.
    • Olympic swim - swimming without stopping; standing in the water for long periods of time.
    • Swimming without the right clothing.
    • Random entry into vehicles/properties and stealing existing assets without making the necessary roleplay.
    • Ignoring the Taser effect, getting up and running after a police officer shot your character with a taser.
    • Healing wounds (recovering HP) during a shoot-out / brawl by drinking or eating, using first aid kits/drugs without making the necessary roleplay.
      • You can change your armor at any time as long as you do the necessary roleplay.
    If you want to take out a big weapon (bat, shovel, pool cue, golf club, katana, shotgun, combat shotgun, MP5, AK-47, M4, county rifle or sniper rifle) you must roleplay accordingly by making sure that you specify that you take your weapon out and that you specify the place from where you take the weapon out. Exceptions to the mentioned weapons are the situations where the weapon is already visible on the body. All other unspecified weapons can be scrolled without the need for roleplay.

    It is not considered Powergaming (PG) the situation when a police officer shoots an armed suspect with a taser. In this situation, the suspect may roleplay that the trigger is continually pressed and released up untill the weapon has no ammunition left. This can also lead to accidentally shooting other participants at the roleplay situation that happen to be in the weapon's shooting range.

    You need a suitable clothing item that covers at least half of your face in order to be able to use the script-wise mask. Sunglasses, hats, caps and any other objects that do not cover your face enough can not be used with the mask. Instead, the use of motorcycle helmets, bandanas, masks, skins covering the face (for example the SWAT skin) and combinations of clothing (for example sunglasses + cap) are allowed.

    You need the consent of all parties involved in the roleplay action to roleplay with non-script objects. Exceptions are the surveillance cameras of legally registered businesses in the State of San Andreas and the equipment of government agencies, except for dogs, such as Los Santos Police Department, the Los Santos Fire Department and the San Andreas Government.

    In situations where you are injured/wounded in a shoot-out/brawl/pursuit, you can roleplay the wounds after the action ends due to the adrenaline.

    Sanctions for this rule may vary from warning to admin-jail.

    4. Deathmatch (DM)
    Killing or injuring a player without a serious enough reason or without a particular reason.

    This rule also includes the following actions:
    • Car DM - using a vehicle to hold a player under its wheels in order to kill him.
    • Brawling - In order to initiate a brawl, the player must do the necessary roleplay and then decide with the opponents the form of brawl they want to adopt - through roleplay (which involves constant usage of /me and /do) or classic (brawling with punches and legs using the game physics)
    • Revenge Kill - killing, injuring, or contacting a player who has previously Player Killed (PK) you. Once your character receives a PK, he returns to the hospital after a coma/amnesia/loss of consciousness, and his memory of that action disappears so that he can no longer remember anything about his death. Returning to the action site is forbidden for the next 20 minutes after receiving the PK.

      If you receive Player Kill (PK) or Character Kill (CK) and you do not know the reasons behind these actions, you have the right to ask the attacker for OOC clarification. The attacker will be required to respond to you in an optimal time, otherwise the action will be void and you will be able to file a complaint against him.

      You need the approval of a Lead Administrator to perform an action involving real acts of terrorism. Prank threats / without having anything concrete in the back, does not require any form of approval.

      Sanctions for this rule may vary from admin-jail to permanent ban.
    5. Abusing the script or the physics and technical problems of the game
    The following actions are strictly forbidden:
    • Ninja-jacking - forcefully throwing out players from inside their vehicles without any roleplay;
    • Bunnyhopping - repeatedly pressing the jump key in order to move faster;
    • Using animations to avoid damage or to hide in/reach a place that realistically would be impossible for you to reach.
    • Vehicle surfing/Car surfing - being stationary on the roof of a moving vehicle. This includes the situations where a player claims to be in the trunk - if you want to transport a person in the trunk, it has to occupy a scripted seat inside the vehicle.
      • Exceptions to this rule are vehicles with open storage space (Bobcat, Picador, Sadler, Walton), bikes (to simulate pegs / handlebars) and boats. From all these vehicles you can shoot with weapons while being in the back.
      Sanctions for this rule may vary from termporary ban to permanent ban.
    6. About Safezones
    It is totally forbidden to commit illegalities in densely populated areas and in areas constantly supervised by authorities:
    • Los Santos Airport.
    • Pershing Square City Hall.
    • Rodeo Bank and East Los Santos Bank. (Exceptions when a bank robbery takes place)
    • Couttz and Schoutz and Grotti Dealerships.
    • Inside Verona Mall.
    • Police sections, hospitals and prison hallways.
    • Hex Tow 'n Go headquarters.
    • Ammunations.
    • Scripted jobs' areas.
    • Government buildings in general (example: Area 69, K.A.C.C. Military Compound, San Fierro Jet Carrier etc.)
    Exceptions to this rule are when the roleplay situations are started in places other than those mentioned above, but the unfolding of the events leads to a safezone area. In such cases, the action can continue without interruption.

    Situations involving forced intrusion into such buildings / areas for the purpose of taking illegal action require the approval of a Lead Administrator and a sufficiently strong reason.

    Sanctions for this rule may vary from verbal warning to a termporary ban.

    7. Disgusting roleplay
    Roleplay situations involving disgusting content must be done in private, publicly-protected areas which must not allow easy / accidental access of other players not involved in the action. Although no consent from the parties is required, any player involved in such an action may, at any time and for any reason, request the action to be terminated without repercussions. Failure to stop the action despite the request for termination results in administrative sanctions.

    This rule includes the following actions:
    • Rape;
    • Cannibalism;;
    • Pedophilia;
    • Necrophilia;
    • Mutilation/dismantling;
    • Perverse/sexually unsolicited actions.
    Sanctions for this rule may vary from temporary ban to permanent ban.

    8. Robberies, thefts and scams
    There is no limit for robberies. Each player assumes the risks that may result from traveling with a large amount of money on him. It is the responsability of each player to protect the money he decides to hold on themselves.
    • Exceptions are the robberies involving the victim to withdraw a certain amount of money from the bank account/savings more than $10,000.
    • Exceptions are players below level 3 who can not be robbed regardless of approach or circumstance.
    • Players who want to initiate or provide support in a robbery must be at least level 3.
    • Players who want to initiate a robbery can not use fictitious services/goods in the SANews ad /auction area to attract victims.
    • The equipment of members of government agencies (PD, FD, GOV) can only be stolen with the consent of a Lead Administrator.
    • You can not rob a player during a script-wise job without the permission of an Administrator. This includes taxi drivers, bus drivers and sweeper drivers. Delivery drivers can be robbed. At the same time, you can not target the areas of departure/arrival/supply of jobs in order to rob a player - in this case delivery drivers are also included. Keep in mind that each action of this kind requires the approval of an Administrator.
    Bank robberies require the approval of a Lead Administrator and the request must be accompanied by a detailed and accurate plan of the entire action. In addition to the plan, the following rules must be accepted:
    • To initiate a bank robbery, there must be at least 15 online police officers.
    • Banks do not have in-door access from the roof.
    • Once a weapon is brought into the bank, the silent alarm triggers.
    You can steal the keys of a player's vehicle or property as long as you know the necessary vehicle information about the vehicle (including model, color, registration number, location) or address for properties. You can not force the player to sell you the vehicle or property just because you took the keys.
    • There is no limit for scams. Each player assumes the risks that may arise from deals made completely IC with other players regardless of the asset underlying those arrangements.
    • All vehicle/property scams must be based on an IC contract. You can not ask an OOC player to sell you a vehicle/property for $ 1, then /pay the requested amount. The /sell command is designed to limit such actions. Instead, you can ICly persuade the player to put the good on your name with the promise of future payment of the value of the asset.
    • Legal casinos/sports betting/lottery businesses can not deceive customers, regardless of the types of games/services offered. (raffle, blackjack, poker, bets on matches of any kind etc.)
    • If you've been scammed, you have the right to rob the scammer to recover your money and even extra money that you find on them.
    • Borrowing your assets to other players is at your own risk. You will not get support if you borrow your assets to other players and they fail to return them. You will not be able to recover your assets even if the player receives a permanent ban.
      • Exceptions to this rule are the situations where a contract is made between two characters, on the basis of which the borrower obliges, together with other clauses, themselves to repay the sum, with the guarantee that if he does not repay, his assets will be transferred to the borrow lender. From here on, you can sue the character that has not returned your assets, and if the State of San Andreas gives you a win, a Lead Administrator will help you transfer the assets that are equivalent to the amount borrowed from your character.
    9. Avoiding roleplay situations through OOC means
    You can not leave or avoid the roleplay action in which you are involved or you are to be involved without the prior consent of all the players involved in the action or a member of the Staff team.

    The following actions are strictly forbidden, whether they are already taking place or are about to take place:
    • /exit to avoid roleplay situations.
    • Changing character/logging out to avoid roleplay situations.
    • AFKing/ALT-TABing to avoid roleplay situations.
    • To force crash, simulate a force crash or interrupt your Internet supply by disconnecting your Internet access / router / by removing the cable, etc.
    • Ask a Staff member to teleport you to a specific place to avoid roleplay situations.
    You have to wait at least 20 minutes before being able to disconnect from the game server, stay AFK or change your character after a roleplay situation that caused other characters to look for you. This includes the police officers who, if they have lost you, want to find you further. An exception to this rule is where an Administrator lets you disconnect from the the game server / stay AFK.

    If you happen to crash, lose your connection to the Internet or suffer any other technical problem that prevents you from accessing the game / forces you to quit, you have 5 minutes to log in back to the game server and to continue the action. Otherwise, you will be sanctioned under the rules, and the situation will end. In cases where an IC sentence should have been issued to your character, that sanction will be covered by the administrative sanction. If you can not come back after 5 minutes, you can always file an administrative appeal and talk to the Administrator who gave you the sanction to reach a common denominator. Keep in mind that the Administrator is not required to remove your sanction.

    10. About Character Kill (CK)
    Forcing a player to accept a Character Kill (CK) is strictly forbidden. However, the following are exceptions to this rule:
    • Suiciding to get rid of an IC sanction. This includes withdrawing a weapon or attempting to withdraw/ grab a weapon to retaliate.
    • When a player is not dead script-wise, but he does roleplay that he dies. If the character has visible survival chances, but does roleplay that he dies, the character will be CKed.
    • When a character is sentenced to death or life imprisonment by the State of San Andreas. If a character is sentenced to life imprisonment, the player can choose if he or she wants to keep roleplaying in jail or wants to be directly CKed.
    Most illegal factions reserve the right to offer CK to their members as long as they have an IC reason. In such cases, Staff members can not help you get rid of CK because you give your consent to such action from the very beginning.

    11. About AFK (Away From Keyboard)
    You can AFK for 10 minutes without risking kick or logout provided you are not involved in an active roleplay action, 20 minutes have passed after a roleplay action that has prompted other participants to search for you and you are not in a populated area. At the same time, do not AFK / ALT-TAB in the middle of the road or inside your job-based vehicles.

    Players that are AFK / ALT-TAB are considered to be OOC. Do not contact them until they have returned from the AFK / ALT-TAB session. If you can not wait for them to come back or you believe they will not come back and you already waited for them to come back for more than 5-10 minutes, you are obliged to consider them as being OOC, but you are allowed to make a complaint on them on the forums if you think and can prove that they are AFK / ALT-TAB in order to avoid you or a particular situation.

    Even though the players around you will be announced that you are AFK / ALT-TAB by the hud icon above your character's head, in order to avoid any problem or confusion we recommend you to log out to the character menu by writing /home and staying AFK / ALT-TAB there.

    The use of techniques and programs to avoid or bypass the AFK detection system results in a temporary ban.
    Sanctions for this rule may vary from warning to permanent ban.

    12. About binds
    The following actions are strictly forbidden:
    • The use of unclear binds in terms of the action they represent;
      • Example: Michael [takes/puts] their [9mm/Deagle] into the holster.
      • Michael takes out a [Shotgun/MP5/AK-47] from the trunk.
    • Using binders that facilitate more than one action;
      • Examplu: Michael runs to the trunk, opens it, takes out an M4, loads the  M4 and then closes the trunk.
    Sanctions for this rule may vary from warning to admin-jail.

    13. About accounts
    The following actions are strictly forbidden:
    • Trading or selling accounts, character assets, items and perks, faction materials and other such sensitive data for anything non-ICly related, whether real or virtual, especially real-life currency or other real-life benefits.
    • Sharing account information. You are solely responsible for the security of your account. In situations where you allow other people to access your account, either voluntarily or accidentally, and the latter are damaging your account or are in the position of receiving an administrative penalty, even permanent, then you will serve that sanction as and how it was done by you. Lost goods can not be recovered.
    • Using multiple game accounts. Each player is entitled to a single game account, and if it becomes inaccessible, either because of a technical problem or an administrative sanction, you are no longer entitled to create a new one. In such situations, you must file an administrative appeal to unlock your account and get permission to play.
      • In situations where there are more people in your home who are playing on our community and, implicitly, are playing under the same IP, you must request permission from a Head Administrator. Keep in mind that we will not allow multiple accounts to be on the same MTA serial.
    • Transfer of goods between characters. An exception to this rule is where a Lead Administrator grants you permission and assists you throughout the transfer process, as well as donors who have the opportunity to make transfers of goods. Keep in mind that transfers of goods are always done through a Lead Administrator and not through other players.
    • Impersonating other players. Whether community members or not. This also includes cases where a player decides to use an account name similar to that of another person known in the community or in general.
    The sanction for this rule is permanent ban.
14. About texturing
The following actions are strictly forbidden:
  • Re-styling/texturing interiors or vehicles with images that denote or refer to all the instances listed in rule 7. Disgusting roleplay and the applicable instances of rule 1. Common sense and courtesy rules, as well as nudism, as long as those interiors / vehicles or spaces / rooms in those interiors are accessible to the public.

Sanctions for this rule may vary from warning to permanent ban.

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