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Reporting players - Informations & Format

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You can file a player report in this section in the event that you've been involved in an incident where another player's actions has led to him breaking, consciously, the rules and regulations that govern this community.

Take into account that a report should not represent the primary action you take when/after dealing with such an incident and that it is recommended that you first attempt to address the issues that have arisen with the player before proceeding to file a player report.

In the event that you cannot clarify the situation with the player, or if you consider that approaching the player you wish to report would only lead to the escaladation and complication of the situation, feel free to file a player report.

You have the obligation, however, to inform the player you plan to report that you intend to file a player report against him in order to give him the chance to defend himself. In the event that the player cannot be noticed (e.g. is not online anymore/their private messages are turned off/blocked), you can request assistance from an available in-game administrator or you can wait until the administrator which handles the report informs the player you're reporting. It is heavily recommended that you attempt to inform the player by yourself as it will speed up the report handling process.

This section does not represent a place where a player's capacity or abilities should be questioned, nor does it represent a place where unfounded assumptions are to be made based on the incident's events. In the event that you have solid proof and your experience has been affected in a negative way, the administration team will investigate and solve your report.

When filling a player report, you must meet the following criterias:

  • Do not file a report if the incident took place over seven days ago.
  • Do not contact staff members in order to ask or request them to handle or respond to your report faster.
  • All the evidence attached inside the report must be yours and must belong to you.
  • All the evidence must be attached in their original form and must not be, by any means, modified or altered in any way.
  • Make sure your evidence is easily accesible and does not require access to services that require you to create an account or download certain programs/the evidence. Use known and secure platforms (such as YouTube and imgur.com) to upload your evidence.
  • Use direct links when posting evidence and do not use image insertion tags.


In the event that you decide to file a player report against a faction member of the Los Santos Police Department based on In-Character events, or events that are in conflict with the internal rules and regulations of the faction, you will have to address a complaint towards the faction's leader. For more information about reporting faction members of the Los Santos Police Department, please follow this link.

You can only file a player complaint in this section if the faction member broke the rules and regulations of the community.


In the event that you decide to file a complaint against a faction, you must address it towards the Head of Factions. For more information about this, please follow this link.


The report's title must be in the following format:

  • [Broken Rule] Reported player's name
  • Example: [Deathmatch] John Doe or [Off Topic] Joe.



Your in-game name:
Reported player(s) name(s):
Where was the rule broken? (server/forum/etc.):
Broken rule:
Date and time of the incident:
Incident explanation:
Evidence (direct link):

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